We work with lots of macadamia producers to develop, market and service tractors and equipment to increase efficiency and reduce costs, whilst assisting to produce higher yields of a better product.




Orchard floor. We have the mowers, slashers and mulchers to prepare and maintain the surface of your orchard floor for optimum harvester performance. The cut material can be deposited inside or outside the drip line. Or you could "mulch it instead", with a multitude of blade and hammer options, for prunings or grass, with bolt on rear discharge vanes for direction of the discharged material. We have them with wheels, rollers, or skids or the combination to suit your place.

Foliar applications. We have a lot of experience with orchard sprayers. For timely, cost effective deposition on target of foliar pestacides and nutrients, our advice after our thorough evaluation of all of your parameters will allow you to make informed decisions in this critical area of farm management. From a back pack knapsack to an air assisted sprayer that has the ability to cover 3.5 hectares of 10 metre rows every hour, (allowing 20 mins fill-up time per load), we have a spraying system to suit most orchards.


Please consider the following mathematical comparison. Our Farmer has 10,000 productive trees, planted at 8m x 6m. He knows that the time window available to cover his whole farm once is less than 4 days. Apart from time costing money, he just doesn't seem to have enough time these days. He reckons it costs him $50.00 per hour to operate his spray rig. He knows it takes him about 20 minutes to fill and mix a load, and he estimates he loses 15% productivity in turning. There are many different sprayers available and everyone he speaks to applies different amounts of water at different ground speeds.



Let us have a look at a table of estimates relating to a 2000 litre sprayer. If we allow for 150 litre unusable residue in the tank, and 5 full sprays per season. 

Sprayer A uses 9 litres per tree, (1890 litres per hectare), sprays two sided at 2.8 km/h.

Sprayer B uses 5 litres per tree, (1050 litres per hectare); sprays two sided at 2.8 km/h.

Sprayer C uses 5 litres per tree, (1050 litres per hectare); sprays one sided at 2.8 km/h.

Sprayer D uses 3.5 litres per tree, (735 litres per hectare); sprays one sided at 3.0 km/h.

Sprayer E uses 1.2 litres per tree, (250 litres per hectare); sprays two sided at 5.0 km/h.

Sprayer Name

Hrs required

To spray once

Cost to spray

5 times.
















Give us a call about your sprayer needs. We have the knowledge gained from many years of experience to set you up with the most suitable unit the first time.  


 Tractors - Lamborghini and Universal Farmliner.

 Lamborghini tractors are well suited to macadamia orchards. There are models with and without cabs from 35 hp upwards. Special wheel equipment is easy for us. Reverse drive for harvester attachment is a great idea.

Universal Farmliner tractors have a place on many farms. A 45 h.p. 4WD will handle a harvester, sprayer, mower or loader and can be had for less than $25,000.  


 Harvesters are available in three different wheel sizes. They can have hydraulic leaf extractors, PTO or hydraulic tree-line blowers, independent hydraulic power packs with coolers, on board dehuskers, storage unloading by tipping bin or fast unload auger, hydraulic side shift, cam lift wheel packs, lockable swivelling ground wheels, tractor chassis mounts, tractor front linkage mounts, or parallel lift from ground of the storage bin. The machinery is engineered and built with pride. It has dozens of industry leading features, not always noticed at a glance. Products in the line include tipping trailers and other bulk materials handling units. 


Fertiliser Spreaders. We have the equipment from budget single spinners at under $600, through tail waggers, and twin spinners, to belt spreaders .

Under tree weed sprayers, TPL & Trailed Tanks, Boom Sprayers, shielded sprayers, 12 volt and PTO pumps, we can set you up.


Macadamias, we enjoy working with them. Give us a call.