Used Whole Goods.

 Our policy is to advise of units that are "In the pipeline". At the time of the last update of this page, all of these units were either, ready for sale, being prepared for sale, for sale but not yet collected by us, or had been traded in to us but were still working waiting for their new replacements to arrive. Accordingly, these photographs are for the purpose of displaying shape and size. Any unit may have been altered since the photo was taken. Some photos may be from our files, and not be of the actual unit. Please contact us for further details on any unit in which you are interested. We are able to email you current photos.

Our policy is to price a unit when it is ready for sale. Some units are sold without reconditioning. Accordingly, please contact us for firm pricing, as you will note many prices shown are there as a "ball park" guideline.

Our policy is to offer goods for sale to the first purchaser. Accordingly, please contact us to confirm the current availability of any unit.

Universal Farmliner Model 850DTC. 6 cylinder motor, 2 stage clutch with hand control of the PTO clutch, main gearbox 4 FWD, 1 Rev, levers between your knees, 3 ranges, independent hand brake, TPL with position control, draft control not connected, 2 sets DA remotes, 540/1000 PTO. Appearance is good but the platform is a bit shabby. We have overhauled the clutch, fitted a new hydraulic pump, checked RV pressure. Previous owner says Injector pump has been overhauled and brakes have been done in recent times. We will fit a new battery. This appears to be a pretty honest strong tractor. For sale at $ 13,750.00 ex Yandina or Gympie.

Ford Model 6600 Four Tractor, 4WD open station, sold new as 77 hp, not repainted, but sound mechanically, with near new tyres all around. This tractor has done a lot of hours, many of them on light work around a macadamia orchard where it was the second tractor for many years. It has always been professionally serviced and had repairs done as and when they were needed. In itís next life, it has the size, strength and features to do a good job where a strong heavy 4WD tractor is needed on a not so many hours a year basis. It is priced at $15,000.

Zetor Model 5545 Tractor, 4WD open station, sold new as 55 hp, in the mid to late sixties, not repainted, but sound mechanically. This unit has spent most of its life shedded and seldom used. Itís last owner spent a lot on it reworking the areas that you would expect to deteriorate over this length of time, such as electrics, brakes, clutch and seals. There has not been a problem getting parts. There seems to be a lot of hard work left in this rugged strong old tractor. $8,500 for this tractor is good buying for someone who needs the security of a 4WD and a tractor with some good brute strength.



 With a choice of 3 Mac Master TPL harvesters now is the time to buy. Priced at $9,500, $11,500, and $13,500, give us a call now.








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